Adverse Media

Empower your entity with NorthLark’s comprehensive Adverse Media Monitoring, meticulously designed to scan, detect, and report potentially harmful media content related to your brand or partners.

Vigilance Beyond Borders

Real-time Alerts

Be the first to know with instant notifications on emerging adverse media mentions.

Global Media Scan

Our AI-driven system reviews thousands of global media sources, ensuring nothing slips through.

Contextual Understanding

Smart algorithms that understand the difference between mere mentions and actual threats.

Archive Access

Dive deep into past media mentions to trace back the origins of a narrative or story.

Tailored for Compliance

Regulation Adherence

Keep up with international regulatory demands related to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

Risk Profiling

Assign risk scores based on beneficial ownership data, assisting in making informed partnership decisions.

Documented Evidence

Store and retrieve documentary proof underpinning each UBO declaration.

Upholding Brand Integrity

Detailed Media Analysis

Each detected mention is analyzed for context, ensuring only relevant alerts are flagged.

Sophisticated Sentiment Analysis

Understand the tone and intent behind media mentions, distinguishing between neutral, positive, and negative narratives.

Source Credibility Check

Prioritize alerts based on the credibility and reach of the source, ensuring you focus on what matters most.

Strengthening Public Relations

Strategic Media Response

Equipped with real-time data, tailor your PR strategies to address potential threats proactively.

Competitive Media Landscape

Keep an eye on competitors' media mentions, gaining insights into market perceptions and narratives.

Enhanced Stakeholder Communication

Ensure partners, investors, and stakeholders are well-informed with factual counter-narratives when needed.


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