Swift Identity Verification at your Fingertips

Validate identity documents and facial biometrics rapidly, cross-referencing with global databases. Our app-driven approach ensures high-speed, pinpoint-accurate verifications, making manual processes obsolete and ensuring secure business operations.

NorthLark Consular

Master Verification with Precision Solutions

NorthLark Consular ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient verification experience.

Master Comprehensive Verification

Empower your operations with holistic checks. Match facial biometrics to identity documents and cross-reference with global lists, ensuring genuine verifications every time.

Shield Against Identity Breaches

Elevate security and deter fraud. With machine learning and continuous updates, ward off forged documents and ensure authentic user interactions.

Accelerate Global Integration

Break borders with swift identity validation. Support for an extensive array of documents facilitates seamless onboarding, making global expansion a breeze.

Advanced Document Verification

Machine Learning Precision

Harness the power of AI-driven technology that swiftly and accurately validates identity documents across various formats and origins.

Enhanced Security Features Labeling

Continuous improvements and updates to identify security features on identity documents, ensuring that even the latest security measures are recognized.

Comprehensive Database Cross-Reference

Not just validation, but also a comparison of data against international credit, Sanctions Lists, PEP lists, and watch list databases for a multi-faceted verification approach.

Seamless Facial Biometrics Integration

Efficient Matching Algorithms

Incorporate facial recognition technology that matches live or captured images with document photos, ensuring the person is indeed the document holder.

Anti-Spoofing Measures

Deploy robust countermeasures against photo, video, or mask-based spoofing attempts, guaranteeing genuine presence tests.

User-Friendly Onboarding Process

Combining facial biometrics with document verification ensures a smoother, quicker, and more trustworthy onboarding experience.

Consular in Your Pocket

On-the-Go Verification

Bring the advanced capabilities of NorthLark Consular right into your pocket, facilitating user verification anytime, anywhere.

Streamlined User Experience

The mobile app is designed keeping user ease in mind, with intuitive interfaces, clear instructions, and swift processing.

End-to-End Encryption

Ensuring user data's safety and privacy, all information processed through the app is encrypted, adhering to global security standards.


Integration & Compatibility

Leveraging the best in technology, NorthLark ensures its solutions are adaptable, agile, and readily incorporated into your existing digital ecosystem.

Versatile Platform Integrations

Enjoy consistent performance and features across iOS, Android, and Windows. Our solutions can be effortlessly incorporated into diverse website platforms, ensuring seamless user interaction. Additionally, we're optimized for top e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

CRM and ERP System Coordination

Our products merge seamlessly with leading CRM systems, enhancing and streamlining your customer relationship management processes. Furthermore, by integrating with renowned ERP systems, we bolster identity and transaction management for cohesive business operations.

Comprehensive API and SDKs

Our robust API is tailored for smooth integration into bespoke systems, ensuring a natural fit within any digital environment. For quicker product implementation, we offer SDKs that allow seamless deployment across various programming languages.

Security & Compliance

Your trust is our asset, and with NorthLark, you're always in safe hands.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of robust security measures and adherence to global compliance standards cannot be overstated. At NorthLark, we recognize these imperatives and design our products with them at the forefront.

End-to-End Encryption

All NorthLark products employ end-to-end encryption, ensuring data integrity and protection against potential breaches. This encryption guarantees that information remains accessible only to authorized individuals, protecting your business and its users from malicious attacks.

Regular Security Audits

To ensure that our security measures remain at the pinnacle of the industry, we regularly conduct thorough security audits. These evaluations allow us to identify potential vulnerabilities and fortify our defenses, ensuring that our users get the safest experience possible.

User Privacy Commitment

User trust is paramount, and we're committed to ensuring that personal data is treated with the utmost respect and care. NorthLark products come with strict privacy protocols, ensuring that user data is not only protected but also handled in accordance with global privacy standards.

Compliance with International Standards

Operating in the global market necessitates a deep understanding and adherence to various regulatory frameworks. Our products are meticulously crafted to align with international compliance standards, including GDPR, CCPA, and other regional data protection regulations.

Dedicated Support and Updates

If there's a need for clarity regarding compliance, our dedicated support team is always at your disposal. Regular updates to our products mean that we're always aligned with the latest security practices and compliance norms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NorthLark Consular?

NorthLark Consular is our identity verification technology that utilizes machine learning to validate user identity documents and facial biometrics. It cross-references this information against international credit, Sanctions Lists, PEP lists, and watch list databases.

We offer identity document verification with high speed and accuracy through our developed applications. Ongoing support for labeling security features of identity documents enhances our machine-learning processes.

NorthLark Consular streamlines identity verification, reduces manual processes, and provides lightning-fast, accurate results. It also helps in compliance by cross-referencing against various databases.

The NorthLark Mobile App is designed to work seamlessly with NorthLark Consular. It brings our cutting-edge machine learning technology to your mobile device, offering quick and accurate identity document verification and facial biometrics.

The app simplifies the onboarding and identity verification process. It reduces operational complexity and risk while delivering a superior user experience. It’s a convenient way to access identity verification services.

The app integrates identity document verification, facial biometrics, and cross-referencing against credit, Sanctions Lists, PEP lists, and watch lists. It’s a comprehensive solution for identity verification.

Yes, we prioritize security. The app follows stringent security protocols to protect user data and maintain the confidentiality of information.

Businesses can simplify their operations, reduce risk, and enhance the user experience. The app offers an efficient way to approach identity verification and compliance.

Our app is compatible with a range of mobile devices and operating systems. Check our website or app store for specific compatibility details.

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