Streamline Onboarding, Entity Administration and Post Incorporation Services

Harness our risk assessment capabilities to pinpoint potential threats and ensure strict compliance. Transform customer acquisition, boost conversions, and deter fraud. With Sentinel, onboarding becomes not just safer, but smarter.

NorthLark Sentinel

Master Verification with Precision Solutions

NorthLark Sentinel ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient verification experience.

Boost Regulatory Adherence

Navigate the complexities of global compliance effortlessly. Tailored identity verification, risk assessments, and advanced due diligence keep you in line with global standards.

Fortify Against Deceit

Experience multi-tiered security. Thwart identity theft, prevent deceptive activities, and guard against unauthorized entries with Sentinel’s robust checks.

Enhance User Onboarding

Expand your horizons with efficient onboarding. Authenticate users across the globe swiftly and effectively, ensuring seamless conversions and unmatched user experience.

Advanced Risk Assessment Capabilities

Dynamic Threat Analysis

Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, Sentinel quickly identifies and evaluates potential security and compliance risks, always keeping your business ahead of emerging threats.

Adaptive Learning Mechanisms

Sentinel's systems not only identify risks but also learn from them. This ensures that the system becomes more resilient over time, recognizing even the most subtle patterns of potential threats.

Streamlined Compliance Adherence

Beyond threat detection, Sentinel ensures your operations remain compliant with evolving regulations. It routinely updates to stay in line with global and regional compliance standards.

Periodic Client Review System

Automated Risk Profiling

Post the initial onboarding, Sentinel periodically revisits each client's risk profile, adjusting their risk ratings based on observed behavior and transaction patterns.

Customizable Review Frequency

Depending on the initial and evolving risk scores, Sentinel adjusts the frequency of client reviews, ensuring a balance between security and operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Onboarding Process

Every review is accompanied by clear reports, providing businesses with insights into client behaviors, potential red flags, and recommended actions.

Comprehensive Third-Party Risk Management

End-to-End Onboarding Review

From the get-go, Sentinel employs a robust vetting process for third parties, ensuring that your business only collaborates with trustworthy entities.

Continuous Monitoring

Beyond the initial onboarding, Sentinel keeps an eye on third-party transactions and interactions, identifying any deviations from expected behavior patterns.

Collaborative Security Standards

Sentinel's platform allows for shared security standards, ensuring that all involved parties, be it vendors, partners, or clients, adhere to the same level of diligence and compliance.

Entity Management

Discover a unified platform for managing your entity's lifecycle, from incorporation to updates. Navigate complex administrative tasks with ease.

Entity Administration

Document Management & Update

Post Incorporation Services/AP & AR


Integration & Compatibility

We believe in seamless integration to ensure uninterrupted workflows. Sentinel is designed keeping in mind the diverse technological landscapes of modern businesses.

Platform Integrations

Integrate NorthLark Consular across multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. Whether you're looking to embed it into your website or an e-commerce platform like Shopify, we offer versatile adaptability.

API and SDKs

Benefit from our comprehensive API, designed for effortless integration into custom systems. Furthermore, our ready-to-use SDKs ensure rapid deployment, catering to various programming languages with ease.

CRM and ERP System Compatibility

Elevate your operations by integrating NorthLark Consular with top CRM systems, optimizing customer management. Plus, with compatibility for renowned ERP systems, identity management becomes a breeze.

Security & Compliance

Your trust is our asset, and with NorthLark, you're always in safe hands.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the importance of robust security measures and adherence to global compliance standards cannot be overstated. At NorthLark, we recognize these imperatives and design our products with them at the forefront.

End-to-End Encryption

All NorthLark products employ end-to-end encryption, ensuring data integrity and protection against potential breaches. This encryption guarantees that information remains accessible only to authorized individuals, protecting your business and its users from malicious attacks.

Regular Security Audits

To ensure that our security measures remain at the pinnacle of the industry, we regularly conduct thorough security audits. These evaluations allow us to identify potential vulnerabilities and fortify our defenses, ensuring that our users get the safest experience possible.

User Privacy Commitment

User trust is paramount, and we're committed to ensuring that personal data is treated with the utmost respect and care. NorthLark products come with strict privacy protocols, ensuring that user data is not only protected but also handled in accordance with global privacy standards.

Compliance with International Standards

Operating in the global market necessitates a deep understanding and adherence to various regulatory frameworks. Our products are meticulously crafted to align with international compliance standards, including GDPR, CCPA, and other regional data protection regulations.

Dedicated Support and Updates

If there's a need for clarity regarding compliance, our dedicated support team is always at your disposal. Regular updates to our products mean that we're always aligned with the latest security practices and compliance norms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NorthLark Sentinel, and what does it offer?

NorthLark Sentinel is a solution that enhances security and compliance. It provides advanced risk assessment capabilities to identify potential threats and ensure compliance, safeguarding your operations and reputation.

Sentinel streamlines identity verification during onboarding, making the process efficient and cost-effective. This transformation turns customer acquisition into a valuable investment, increasing conversions and deterring fraudulent activities.

Client Due Diligence (CDD) is the process of assessing the risk associated with a client. Sentinel performs the necessary level of CDD for onboarding based on the risk score and Customer Risk Assessment Form (CRAF). Periodic reviews are conducted based on the initial risk assessment, ensuring compliance and risk minimization.

Inadequate onboarding and oversight of external collaborators can lead to risks related to financial or environmental misconduct. This can result in regulatory actions, fines, and harm to reputation. Sentinel’s Third Party Risk Management minimizes these risks.

Establishing a robust method for third-party onboarding reduces risk by avoiding problematic partnerships and enhances profitability by aligning with valuable business associates consistently.

The survey indicates that approximately 49% of third-party entities require additional assessment during onboarding. Among these, 19% are categorized as “high risk,” and 30% are categorized as “medium risk,” underscoring the importance of further scrutiny.

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