PEP + Sanctions

Equip your business with NorthLark’s thorough PEP and Sanctions verification system. By meticulously checking against global databases, we ensure businesses remain compliant and safeguarded against potential threats.

Enhancing Due Diligence

Comprehensive PEP Screening

Identify and verify PEPs from a vast global database, reducing potential risk exposures.

Sanction List Scrutiny

Seamlessly verify individuals and entities against international and regional sanction lists, ensuring full compliance.

Advanced Risk Profiling

Our algorithms analyze connections and provide a risk score for every individual or entity, ensuring nuanced decision-making.

Guaranteed Regulatory Adherence

Updated Database

Continuous updates from global and regional regulatory bodies ensure that you always operate from the most recent data.

Automated Alerts

Receive real-time alerts for any potential matches, ensuring swift and effective action.

Detailed Reporting

Generate in-depth reports for audits, due diligence, and compliance checks, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Safeguarding Brand Reputation

Swift Decision Making

With instant checks and verifications, make informed decisions that uphold your brand's reputation and integrity.

Reputational Risk Management

Stay ahead by understanding potential reputational threats and acting proactively.

Multi-layered Verification

Benefit from a comprehensive system that checks primary data sources, media mentions, and other secondary sources for exhaustive vetting.


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