ID Verification

NorthLark’s Universal ID Verification platform revolutionizes identity validation processes. With the power to simplify and expedite client verification, our platform seamlessly merges security and compliance, paving the way for trustworthy client-business interactions.

Expand Your Horizons

Authenticate users regardless of geographical boundaries with support tailored to various ID formats.

Stand Guard Against Impersonation

Deploy AI-driven defenses to spot and block counterfeit IDs.

Simplified Verification Workflow

NorthLark’s robust engine manages verification effortlessly and accurately.

Benchmark Setting Success Rates

With NorthLark, achieve one of the highest accuracy rates in ID verification.

Ensure Trust at Every Turn

Guaranteed Image Integrity

Verify uploaded documents to ensure genuine captures and ward off fraudulent screenshots.

Forensic Image Assessment

Root out manipulations with powerful checks against digital tampering or image doctoring.

Uphold ID Authenticity

Employ automated checks to spot and reject fabricated IDs.

Simplified Onboarding Experience

Intelligent Image Assistance

Machine learning-guided tips ensure users upload quality document images seamlessly.

Instantaneous Preliminary Review

Facilitate better user experience by instantly flagging and allowing reuploads of inadequate documents.

Cross-device Continuity

Provide flexibility by letting users switch devices during the verification process via a secure link or QR code.

Dive Deeper into Verification

Automatically align uploaded documents with international standards to ensure credibility and also screen users against international compliance parameters.

Identity Proofing

Covering government IDs, driving licenses, and more.

Address Verification

Scrutinizing utility bills, bank statements, etc.

Extended Background Checks

Comprehensive reviews that align with NorthLark's scope.


NorthLark in Action

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